Lapis Full Foam Mattress


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Lapis Full Foam Mattress


A 23cm in depth Lapis full foam mattress by Comfyysleep is a kind of full memory foam that is devoid of springs. As, it’s entirely made up of full block of foam for the most comfortable sleep possible. Knitted with a fabric cover to give it a smooth surface for the best sitting and sleeping experience.

Memory foam mattresses usually include at least two layers of foam. The supporting base foam layer is placed after the comfort memory foam layer. If you didn’t have this supportive base layer, high-pressure portions of your body like your hips and shoulders would just sink through. The comfort foam layer, on the other hand, is designed to support your body as if it were placed on cloud of cotton foam.

A cutting-edge air mattress, the Memory Foam Mattress by comfyysleep ensures a restful night’s sleep. It has an integrated air system that will keep you cool and dry during your restful night’s sleep. As a result, you wake up every morning feeling revitalized. It’s hypoallergenic, which means it’s ideal if you suffer from allergies.

A type of orthopedic memory foam mattress that relieves pressure on the body, particularly for people with chronic back pain. The company wants their customers to enjoy better sleep and wake up pain-free.

These aren’t the only advantages. It also has built-in edge boosting, which allows you to sleep with the most space possible without rolling off. The above memory foam is an excellent example of a best memory foam mattress that is neither too firm nor too soft.


  • Full foam block no spring mattress for consistent support
  • Knitted fabric cover for support
  • Mild firm for both world’s experience
  • Orthopedic mattress – commonly known as mattress for back pain
  • Air mattress – hypoallergenic
  • Depth 23cm
  • Manufactured in United Kingdom