Silk 1000 Mattress


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Silk 1000 Mattress

Silk 1000 mattress has been designed using 1000 pocket springs, topped with memory foam on one side in order to keep you warm through winter. Moreover, the natural filings on the other side is to keep you cool in summer. Thus, makes it a best dual season bed.

The 1000 separate pocket springs provide excellent edge-to-edge support that is consistent over the whole width of the mattress. The mattress is upholstered with exquisite stretched silk that adds to its comfort level, as well as, layers of natural fillings that provide a luxurious yet sleeping on cloud like experience.

Silk 1000 mattress provides excellent support, without being excessively firm or delicate. An excellent choice for back or side sleepers. The actual ride may differ depending on the size of the sleeper and the bed base. If you require any assistance to find the ideal mattress for your needs, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll be delighted to help you.

One of the kinds of orthopedic mattress, the individual spring cell in the silk 1000 mattress adjusts to the weight and contours to the body which helps in relieving pressure on back and hips. As it’s ‘hypoallergenic mattress’ dust mites will not settle on the mattress. As a result, making it beneficial for people, who suffers from allergies.

We make every effort to ensure that raw materials are obtained at the lowest possible cost, that production procedures are efficient, and that the product is well-packaged. Our main goal has always been to provide a high-quality product that makes our consumers as proud of it as we are.


  • 1000 pocket springs for comfortable support
  • Upholstered with silk cover
  • Memory foam layers used for air flow and comfortable sleep
  • Orthopedic mattress
  • Hypoallergenic mattress
  • Hand-tufted
  • Easy Care
  • Manufactured in the United Kingdom